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David V.

“The Tikva, product has helped lower my blood pressure and cholesterol. It truly works and is so easy to take.-Victor V.

Lindee Lee

“This company not only has excellent products, the customer service is also of the highest level of excellence.”-Lindee Lee B.

Dr. Dale S.

“Thank you Tikva. My blood pressure is now 124/62. Before Tikva it was 164/82. This is a big drop!”
-Dr. Dale S.

Karen K.

My blood pressure is already down to 132/70! Tikva allowed me to eliminate most of my other supplements.” -Karen K.

“Save time and money with a once a day chocolate drink that naturally lowers your blood pressure and cholesterol. You no longer have to walk up and down the health food store aisle or shop online for multiple nutrients. Tikva is equal to taking 26 large pills a day, but with the convenience of a great tasting chocolate drink.”

Even if you have tried other natural remedies and they did not work for you. Find out why Tikva is different.

Are you on medications and tired of the dangerous side effects?

Do you worry that you may have a heart attack or a stroke and what will happen to you or your family?

Have you tried multiple natural alternatives without any success?

Have you walked into a health food store to get one item and then stood in the aisle confused with all of your choices?

Find the answers to these questions and more…

How Tikva lowered my blood pressureOver 15 years ago, my father was in his garage with my mom, getting stuff out of the attic. Actually, she was in the attic and he was holding the ladder, because she had things organized just how she liked them and didn’t want him to mess them up. Anyway, he was holding the ladder securely and suddenly he started having serious pains in his arms and chest. He told my mom that she needed to get down from the attic immediately, because he couldn’t hold the ladder anymore. She rushed down to find him bent over in pain and immediately called 911. He was rushed to the hospital, where they told him that he was having a widow maker heart attack and to say goodbye to his family. You can only image the worry and fear that we felt as they told him that he only had minutes to live.

don sickBy the grace of God, he survived, but they put him on 3 blood pressure drugs, 3 cholesterol drugs and he was told to take a baby aspirin a day to make sure that he did not have another episode. Shortly after, he had 3 mini strokes and was told that he was going to have to have bypass surgery. This was terrifying to my dad and he did not understand how taking an artery out of his leg that is perfectly healthy and putting it in the place of a non-healthy artery was going to change anything. So he refused, against the doctors wishes.

Meanwhile, he was at home feeling terrible. The medications that they had him on made him tired and irritable and he eventually got to the point that he could barely get up and walk across the room without feeling so drained and out of breath that he had to sit down. He was only 46 at the time and was usually full of energy.

It was at this point that we knew, he could not continue like this. So we went online and started doing research. We tried every natural remedy that we could find and spent thousands of dollars trying to avoid him having a bypass surgery. Unfortunately, nothing really worked.

nobel prizeThis is when we heard about a nobel prize discovery that was supposed to help with blood pressure. We learned that the amino acid Arginine, creates Nitric Oxide in the blood vessel, which helps to dilate (or widen) your blood vessels. At this point, it was just one more thing, and we figured, why not give it a shot. Well, after a short period of time, my father started to see some improvement, but it was not enough on its own.

My father then started talking with an old family friend that is a naturopathic doctor. We combined our research and things we had tried to the naturopathic doctors recommendations of which ingredients she thought would work and figured out how much of each would work synergistically together. She did not want him to just take handfuls of pills because the absorption rate on a pill is only 20%. So she recommended that he find a way to get the ingredients he needed in a powder form, so that it could be made into a liquid. This would increase the absorption into his body to 98%.

So we found a vitamin manufacturer that would put all of these ingredients into a small blend so that we could see if it would work for my father. At first it did not do anything. In fact for about 4 months he did not see much of a result at all as far as his blood pressure and cholesterol numbers were concerned, but he did start to feel a little better and he was starting to get some of his energy back. But as 4 months was approaching, he was starting to get discouraged and almost gave up on this formula. But with all of the research we had done and the naturopathic doctor urging him to give it more time, he kept on going.

blood pressure cuffWe are so glad that he did. Right around 4 months, his blood pressure numbers starting dropping. It truly was a miracle. This stuff was actually working!

But then at a checkup with his doctor, he had a cholesterol test done. This caused huge concern because his cholesterol numbers were even higher than they were before. So he got right on the phone with his friend the naturopathic doctor and she explained what was happening. While this did not seem like a good thing, it actually was!

She explained that when they do those cholesterol test, they are checking to see how much plaque is floating in the blood at that moment. If it is stuck to the wall of your arteries, than it does not show up on their tests. But since the ingredients in the formula were slowly dissolving the plaque off of the arteries, he was getting a much higher reading. She assured him that this was a “false positive” meaning that it was a temporary high reading and that it should come down soon.

Well it did. Around 5 ½ months, he had another cholesterol test done and his numbers not only came down, but they were well within normal range.

don founderAt this point, we knew we found which natural ingredients really work and at the right amounts. So my father continued taking this formula and his numbers kept getting better. Than other people we knew saw how well he was doing and he was even able to start getting off of his medications and they wanted to know if they could get some.

So we contacted our manufacturer and asked if we could increase the size of the batches they were making for us. He then sold it to his friends at cost, so that they could try it too. And it worked for them. Within a few months, they started seeing improvements and soon were able to begin reducing their medications as well.

This is when we realized that we had come up with a natural way to lower blood pressure and cholesterol that could really help a lot of other people. We did not initially make this product to sell it, but now it is over 13 years later and there are thousands of people just like you, that have been able to reduce or eliminate their blood pressure and cholesterol medications by taking this formula.  We named the formula Tikva because it means Hope in Hebrew. It brought hope back into our family’s life and we have seen it bring hope to thousands of others as well.

my familyAfter 2 years, my fathers doctor did a scan on his arteries and could not believe that he went from a 98% blockage to what he called squeaky clean and he was now off of all of his blood pressure and cholesterol medications. His blood pressure now averages about 116/68 and he does not even have to take the Tikva formula anymore.

I now have a family of my own and a little one on the way. I do not have high blood pressure or high cholesterol, but I take the Tikva product as a preventative, because I want to make sure that I am healthy and that I will be around for my family.

Tikva is the most complete formula on the market

  • Lower Your Blood Pressure
  • Lower Your Cholesterol
  • Increase Nitric Oxide
  • Reduce Risk of Heart Attacks
  • Reduce Risk of Strokes
  • Reduce Plaque
  • Improve Erectile Dysfunction
  • Improve Artery Elasticity
  • Reduce Heart Arrhythmias
  • Increase Energy
  • Reduce Stress
  • Reduce Arthritis Pain
  • Full probiotic blend
  • Improve overall health

Tikva Sample

All while reducing the number of other  products you need to take.

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