What do our customers say about
Tikva and our customer service?

What do our customers say about
Tikva and our customer service?

I’m writing because I am very skeptical of supplements that make great claims, but fall short of providing actual results.

I’m in my late 30’s, I try to eat right and workout a few days a week. Unfortunately my doctor noticed my blood pressure a little higher than he likes to see. Both my parents are a slave to blood pressure medicine, and I do not want that for me. I heard about Tikva about a year ago from a friend. He said that I would not be disappointed with it, so I gave it a try. Since this is a natural product I wasn’t expecting instant results. The first few weeks I didn’t notice any significant changes. However after a few months, I started seeing my numbers drop. Before I started Tikva, my blood pressure was averaging about 146/93 and now it averages 120/80.

Also when I first started Tikva, I didn’t consider all the good stuff that’s in the mix. Most of the vitamins and supplements I used to take I stopped buying because it’s already in the Tikva mix. And surprisingly the quality of Tikva’s ingredients are much better than what I was getting before. So with Tikva, I’m spending about the same as I was on vitamins and supplements, but now I have the added benefit of good blood pressure and I’m actually getting better quality supplements. I’m really glad I stumbled on this product, and am convinced that there integrity is solid.

My wife is now taking Tikva as well as my parents.

Aaron C.Aaron C.

This company not only has excellent products, the customer service is also of the highest level of excellence.

Lindee Lee B.
As an 83 year-old with rectal cancer, since 2013, thank GOD for TIKVA.

TIKVA has lowered my Blood Pressure from a high in 2010 of some 170/95 to today’s level of 110/62.

Before starting on Tikva, I had a stroke in 2005 and two minis strokes. I have been treating my cancer with baking soda and hemp oil suppositories. Avoiding any man-made chemicals and drugs.

NATURAL is GOD’S medicine. Believe it. Learned lots from Ty Bollinger’s “The quest for the cancer cure continues”. He lost his parents and several relatives to today’s conventional failing chemicals and drugs. My son, 57, and neighbor Steve, late 60’s, love TIKVA also. It works. Believe it, John S

John S.John S.

Thank you and God Bless you for your time and energy in helping others.  The Tikva, product has been invaluable in helping strengthen my heart along with lowering my blood pressure and cholesterol.  It truly works and is so easy to take.

David V

I just got the results from a whole body scan, and I am ecstatic about my circulatory system’s results!  I went from “Severe” with about 52% blockage to “Mild” in about five years!  Tikva has cleaned me up!

Gary S.

I have been using Tikva for 4 years and I feel great. My blood  pressure dropped from 140/90 to 130/85. The doctor said what did you do?? Why is your blood pressure so low. I  Explained the Tikva recipe and he now allows me to use my FSA Money to purchase Tikva. It is loaded with vitamins and natural supplements. Tikva also lowers my cholesterol. I always take the natural route to health.


Steven G.

Yesterday I went to a Natural Path Dr. and I had to take all of my vitamins and tikva with me. She wanted to see what I was taking. I had a grocery bag full, I sat and watched her read the labels on each bag when she finished she said the only good thing that I was taking was Tikva.

She took down all of your info for the web site and phone. I thought WOW I found you on the net, and after all of these years your product was the best. Also my BP is now 91/78

Yeah!! Thanks for the great product!!

Teri C.

I started Tikva when my blood pressure started creeping up.

Shortly after starting on the Tikva product, my blood pressure returned to normal and I have continued to take it as a preventative, so that I don’t need to get on blood pressure medication.

It has been a huge blessing. I don’t have any of the side effects that come with the blood pressure medications. In addition I know that I am getting all of the nutrients that I need in one drink and I feel great.

Thank You Tikva.

Gary E.

You guys are great! You answer questions fully and politely, respond quickly… If everyone did business like you,there would be no recession!*

Rabbi Adler

Good morning,

I’ve just got to tell you what I’ve learned by doing business with you over the years.  Now I’m a tough judge, demanding, and always looking for outstanding products and/or services from any company.

Therefore, I’m more often disappointed than pleased.  As you can probably recall I have questioned on occasion a product, a price, or perhaps a change in strategic business practice.  But I do that only because I am in pursuit of excellence and even perfection.

Well, I know that “perfect” is actually a fictitious expression.  It’s simply not attainable. However, years ago I was fortunate enough to discover Heart 2 Heart of America.

What’s especially refreshing is to realize I have benefited not only from your products (Tikva being foremost) but also from your extraordinary business practices.  Now don’t let this go to your head but I’m inclined to believe that the natural sincerity of your character is the foundation that’s responsible for establishing and maintaining a business model that exemplifies the very highest level of business ethics.*

Never Slow Down,

Bud W.

I want to thank Heart to Heart for introducing their products to me, particularly the Tikva and Phytosterols more than eight months ago.

I am a heart patient with seven stents and have always needed statin drugs to keep my cholesterol under control. I haven’t had a doctor for over a year until recently and was not taking my statins during that time. I started taking the products eight months ago and just recently saw a doctor and my blood was drawn and tested. To the doctors and my amazement my cholesterol levels were where they were when I was taking statins. Now I don’t worry about having to take these drugs and the associated side effects that they can cause. Thank you Heart to Heart for giving me piece of mind and keeping me healthy.*

Thank you,

David B.

I really like your articles and your research.
My blood pressure was 124/62 last check. It dropped 40 points on the top number and 20 points on the bottom.

Tikva works.

You guys be encouraged in what you are doing.  Yahweh bless you, your family and business.*

Dr. Dale S.

After taking Tikva for only a few months, my cholesterol went down from 230 to 200.

I have felt great physically and also emotionally knowing that I was getting my nutritional requirements and more – it tastes great too.

Steve W.

My triglycerides were found to be over 1600 due to genetics. Several years of statin drugs could only get them down to around 400 and my doctor said that was as good as it was ever going to be.  I don’t know how long it took since I only get my blood tested once a year, kind of a birthday check up, but last April my triglycerides were at 415 and this April, after being on Tikva for most of it, they are at 194! That’s a 53% drop.  My LDL went from unmeasurable because the triglycerides were so high to 83 (in the normal range).  

And my cholesterol went from 206 to 153, a 26% drop (also in the normal range).  My HDL raised only 3 points but I must confess there was no exercise involved other than yard work. I hope to change that this year and improve even more.


Victor V.

I had cholesterol that was 769 and tryglycerides that were at 979. My toes were numb. I did not know why.

I have been taking Tikva now for  9 months I need to have my blood checked. But after only two months my cholesterol was down to 379 and my tryglycerides were a lot better.

After just 4 days! My feet were 65% better. And if I slept for 4 hours that 4 hours felt like 7. This I noticed instantly. I had energy and felt truly better unlike when you take a vitamin and you say to yourself you know its good for you. But you really don’t feel any difference. Well not with Tikva no way! Now its been 9 months I can’t wait to see what it says  when I have my blood checked.

Mke W.

Before Tikva I was on blood pressure medicine and my numbers on the medicine were around 160 over 90 and after Tikva I was able to reduce my blood pressure medicine from 40mg down to 20mg and my blood pressure now averages about 130 over 72.

Recently I went to a health food store to inquire about a means to receive the minerals and vitamins that are in Tikva. Found out that there was no single product containing all that is in Tikva. I feel great and think Tikva has helped my overall well being.

Charles B.
TIKVA has lowered my blood pressure , lowered my cholesterol and has increased my energy & stamina.
I don’t feel or act my age.
Mike E.

I am writing this letter to share my feelings and experience with all of you.

About 2 years ago, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. I was 61 at the time and am now 63. I was very concerned because I have adverse reactions to medications from the doctor. So I had to make a decision. I did try the doctors meds for 2 days and had such a bad reaction that I decided (with the advise of the pharmacist ) to stop them immediately.

I then went on an all out search to find a natural way to lower my blood pressure. I searched the web diligently for some sort of solution. I came across the Medical Publications Web Site and their product “Tikva”. I purchased it and gave it a try. After all, what more could happen? I was soooo pleased to find my numbers falling after 5 to 6 weeks. My numbers continued to fall for 6 months and have leveled for the last 18 months now to 119/68. I am pleased.

I am a very hyper full of energy type of personality and live under alot of stress so I decided to try the Lemon Balm Caps (Natural Stress Relief). WOW! Where I was having trouble falling asleep, I decided to take a Cap before bed, about 30 minutes before I wanted to fall asleep. I sleep wonderful now and fall asleep about 5 minutes after turning off the lights.

I just want to say thank you to all at Heart 2 Heart for the wonderful work you are doing. Your research is thorough and very educating. Every time I have called, I have been treated as if you really care. How refreshing. The love of God shows in you and I am Blessed to have been led to your web site. God Bless you in all you are and will be doing.*

Barb H.

Hi Matt,

You have wonderful customer service! You guy’s do a wonderful job and i thank you for that!
Be Blessed,

Your customer service is awesome and so is your product.

I love Tikva!! It feels good feeling great. When I was on high pressure meds I was tired, short tempered, and not my happy out going self. The worse of all of it was the meds didn’t lower my pressure, if anything it made it worse.

I want to thank your company for everything. I can finally say I can live a quality of life and its because of you guys.*

T. Polley

My husband and I wanted to let you know what our experience with Tikva has been.

Daniel is 42. His health is good except for the high blood pressure. He’s been on Lisinopril and Indapam for about two years. He became a living zombie. It was a struggle for him some days to get the dishes washed and unload the dishwasher. He had almost every side effect listed for these drugs. In looking back, we realized that he is someone that is extremely sensitive to medicine and responds very quickly to them.

We received the shipment on Wednesday, March 16th, and he began taking it. His energy began coming back the following Monday, and has remained.

On Friday, April 1 he had to stop taking the diuretic medicine because his blood pressure was dropping too low. Once he stopped taking the diuretic, his blood pressure leveled out to target range.

He began having another symptom of skin rash/ eczema and I got on the Internet to find out more about ACE inhibitors. Once we found out it was based on the venom of a Brazilian pit viper snake, the symptoms he’s been experiencing became very understandable.

He’s now cut his ACE inhibitor in half, and is still in the target range on the blood pressure. We feel like that with a bit more time on the formula, he will be off of these medicines.

Tikva has given me my husband back.

Thank you so much for the work you have done and the product you’ve made.*

Best regards,

Ann and Dan R.
I’m very happy with Tikva’s customer service, the automatic shipment program and especially with the chocolate flavor.
I’m over all happy with everything.
Sandra S.

I am 45 years old and have been diagnosed with having high blood pressure (150 over 93). Because of my medical plan changing I have seen several different doctors, over a 2 year period, all are family practitioners. Each doctor prescribed different blood pressure medicine which I took and followed there direction. I saw no difference in my blood pressure. My biggest problem was with the side effects of each drug.

Then my life changed when I started taking the Tikva formula. I have seen my blood pressure drop to 125 over 79 in 2.5 months. I no longer take blood pressure prescription medication and my doctor considers my blood pressure to be normal, I agree. Thank you.

Brent M.

Two months ago, despite swimming and jogging for an hour daily, my blood pressure was 187 over 98. I freaked. After using the Tikva formula for just 9 weeks now I am already down to 144/84. I know that it takes most people 3 months to get it down but I am very pleased.

Jack O.
I am very happy with Tikva’s customer service.
I also enjoy being on the automatic shipment program, it makes things so much easier.
Keep up the good work.
May God Bless You!


Dorothy D.

I have been using the Tikva formula for 2 1/2 months and my blood pressure has dropped from about 180/100 to an average of 125/80. This decrease occurred without other medication. My doctor wanted to put me on an ace-inhibitor medication but I decided to take this product instead. I’m glad I did. I’ve just ordered another 3 months supply.

Thanks for developing this.

J. Patterson

I had to let you know what a pleasure it has been to purchase Tikva from Heart 2 Heart. I happily recommend this fine company. Not only do I love the product, but I know after having dealt with them for several months that they are so helpful whenever I have a question or place an order. They truly have a heart to help their customers and are completely trustworthy. Thanks for being there!!

Jane G.

Hi. This is Heidi.

My husband has been taking the Tikva formula. His blood pressure was 144/83. Not real high, but high enough to become a problem. His blood pressure now is averaging from 125 to 118. Well within normal range. He seems much more relaxed. I am convinced that this is helping him. It is just by a stroke of luck that I found your website. I am going to tell other people with similar conditions.

Thank you, and take care,

Heidi D.

I have been on the product for about two months now and I have had awesome results.

For the past 35 years I have been on some form of high blood pressure medication at the 320 mg dose level, sometimes more than one pill a day. The doctors are continually trying newer and more potent drugs to lower my blood pressure but none of them really worked. So that is why I went out on the internet myself and came across your product and decided to give it a try.

The day before yesterday I had another doctor appointment and they took my blood pressure and it was 128/78 that is remarkable for me, I have not seen those readings since I was in my twenties. The doctor could not believe it and then he could not believe that this reading was with me only taking my medication at 160 mg. Because last month when I went he gave me the wrong dosage in trial packages and they were 160 mg. That is so positive for me to hear and to know that I am feeling better every day and being weaned off of the medications.

I also want to thank you for being so supportive with weekly sometimes daily information emails that educate me.*

Judy C.

I am 69 years old and have been highly conscious of heart disease since I was 14 when my father died of coronary thrombosis. I watched my diet ,became a long distance runner but still needed by-pass surgery when I was 53. Ten years later I needed stents and then in 2005 I needed more stents.

In 2005 I began taking your product Tikva largely due to the amount of L-Arginine. Since then arteries have been clean. (just passed annual stress test). My cholesterol is 155; HDL-73; LDL-70.

The product is not the only thing that I am impressed with. You have personally taken the time to keep me informed of other products which may be helpful and actually exchange emails when-ever I have a question. Keep up the good work.

Ira H.
I think your customer service is excellent, and I’m very happy with it!
Mark R.

Within 3 months of taking Tikva, which by the way tastes great, my doctor took me off my high blood pressure medication. I had been taking medication for 15 years previously.

Tikva not only controls my high blood pressure, but has relieved my hand and joint pain, given me more energy, and is supplying me with important vitamins that I know my body is absorbing a lot more efficiently than the pills I used to take. also, you won’t find a more reliable and trustworthy company to deal with. Thanks.*

N. Viscuso

My wife was diagnosed with high cholesterol last September, Despite dedicated efforts at diet control, exercise and the use of supplements her elevated cholesterol levels failed to decrease significantly.

Fortunately, she started using your product on a daily basis and there was a dramatic decrease in her lipid profile (40%). She had excellent decreases in her triglycerides, total cholesterol and LDL (bad) cholesterol. In addition her HDL (good) cholesterol increased.

Without your product she would not have been able to acheive her treatment goals. Thank you very much for your time, effort and research in developing and providing this product for people with high cholesterol.

We are confident that we will reap the long term benefits by reducing cardiovascular disease.

Leonard Y. Cosmo, M.D.

I am writing to you to express my appreciation for the excellent products and customer service I have received from your company through the years.

In particular I having been taking Tikva for over two years and I have enjoyed the health benefits including lower blood pressure. I have also been very impressed with the willingness to adjust my automatic shipment dates to accommodate my needs with ‘no questions asked’.

In fact, every time I have had a question or request I have always received a personal response in a timely manner to my complete satisfaction.

It is refreshing in this day and time to be a customer of a company that truly understands what ‘customer service’ means. Thanks-a-million for such a positive experience.*

Richard W.

I started using this product about 4 years ago after my doctor put me on medication that had harsh side effects.

At that thime he stated my blood pressure was 144/89. It only took about 3 months for me to get down to 120/80! I’m now 42 and it is even better, 120/73. I also weight trained for over 20 years and this product has made me look like I did 15 years ago!

T. Thomas

My partner, James, is a tetraplegic (paralyzed from his neck down) on a ventilator since 2004. In 2007 he used over twenty-five different supplements each day to ensure a healthy immune system, protect him from lung issues, and keep him strong and healthy.

I had major financial problems keeping up his supplement supplies and, having used Tikva myself for over a year with great results with my slightly high cholestral and blood pressure rates, I decided to try James on my Tikva supplement program. I had noticed also that a majority of the supplements he had been using was already in Tikva and since he was thriving on his supplements perhaps he could thrive also on Tikva.

James has switched to Tikva now for over seven months, he is as strong and healthy as ever, and a result blood work up showed he is in great health given his situation. The incrediible news also is about two months ago he began to show movement in his thumb and index finger on both hands. While I cannot state that this is due to Tikva and his use of this product, it certainly HAS contributed to his continued strength and healing.


Wilma M.

I started on your product in September 2006. At that time my blood pressure was 160/101 and my cholesterol was over 300. My doctor wanted to put me on medication. I told him to give me some time to do it myself. I went back to see him after being on Tikva for 3 months and my blood pressure was 140/90 and my cholesterol was in the 250 range. My doctor chose to let me continue with out medication.

I have completely changed my lifestyle with eating and exercise. I juice everyday and eat mostly vegetables and fruit and of course Tikva is my morning drink everyday. I get up at 4:30AM and drink my Tikva and go to the gym at 5:00AM. I keep track of my blood pressure twice a week and it is now 115/75 on average and my cholesterol is under 200. I swear by your drink and have gotten several of my friends to get started. I will drink Tikva for as long as I live.

Thanks for creating such a great product.*

C. Rickey

Just wanted to let you know I started Tikva around two and a half months ago and it has really lowered my blood pressure. My blood pressure used to be between 130/74 to 147/77 and now is between 116/66 to 127/64. I have recommended it to many friends and I think at least two of them have ordered Tikva. Thanks.

A. Strauss

Back in October of 2007 I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE. My reading came in at 172/93. I decided to go on the internet and research a holistic (natural) approach to this problem. I found your website, was impressed and decided to order a 3 month supply. After 1 month I started to see my numbers fall. I am now beginning the 9th month of taking Tikva and my blood pressure is now 128/70. I am thrilled and know that I should stay on this program for at least 2 years as the Tikva is cleaning out my arteries. I am so pleased and thankful that I do not have to go on medication. This was a life saving investment.

God Bless you at Heart2Heart for making this available to anyone who is willing to give it a try. It really works.*

Blessings to all
A very satisfied customer

B. Hamilton

I’m ready to start my 3rd month on Tikva. I found you on the web when I did a search for high blood pressure and decided to try it. The product is wonderful. I have tons of energy, my blood pressure is going down and I feel very virtuous drinking such a healthy breakfast. You start my day. *

P. Fleming

I was 80 years old when my blood pressure first went above 150/85. I studied the internet for essentials to lower my pressure. I learned about Tikva. In less than 3 months it came back down to 115/75 in the morning. It has kept my cholesterol levels below 150-160.*

A. Hasllinger

The Tikva has given me a lot of energy; I take it as my breakfast meal and don’t get hungry until lunch. My blood pressure is more stabilized since I have been on Tikva; from 150/65 to sometimes as low as 118/65. I have been able to cut the dosage of my medication to only 25mg daily. My goal is to be completely off medications.*

H Hearron

I’m 58 years old and when my blood pressure registered 160/90 my doctor wanted me to take a prescribed medication to control it. After viewing the slides on the medicalpublications.org website, I decided to try Tikva instead and purchased the 5-month supply. After only 2 months on Tikva, my blood pressure averaged 120/77. I am now beginning my 4th month on Tikva and my blood pressure continues to be under control and I feel great!!! *

R. Larkin

Whenever I write Heart 2 Heart with questions about your products, the response is always prompt and informative. It is reassuring to know I can count on Heart 2 Heart to provide guidance when I need it. *

Marie W.

It’s a pleasure to give this testimonial about the great results that I have gotten from Tikva. I found out about your product by searching the internet for natural products to cure High blood pressure. I knew about most of the ingredients in Tikva because I had used them for several years on and off, but I did not know how much to take and I didn’t combine them to get the synergistic effect. One of my biggest concerns was as to whether I was buying products that had the potency and quality they advertised. I am totally convinced that Tikva has in it what it says it has and I firmly believe that the ingredients are of great quality and I feel that you all are very honest.

My blood pressure fluctuated between 140 over 80 to 170 over 110 prior to taking Tikva. Now after about 3 months of taking it, my readings are fluctuating between 114 over 64 to 140 over 80 and they stay mostly in the 120’s over 70’s which I think is fantastic.

I never got these results from a couple of prescription medications and I surely got plenty of very unpleasant side effects.

I have given the product to my 81 year old mother who has a heart condition along with high blood pressure and a prior stroke and she has also benefited greatly from Tikva. You and your product have been a real blessing to me.*

M. Chinchilla

Since starting on the Tikva product. My joints, specifically my knees are not hurting like they used to. I can walk and ride my ten speed bike with no pain, there was a time when I couldn’t walk a couple of city blocks, now I even ride my Harley a couple of hundred miles with no discomfort.

I suffer from PAD (peripheral artery disease), the arteries in my legs were pretty much clogged up as well as my carotid arteries. On my last ultra sound the test showed no further deterioration and as a matter of fact I believe there was some improvement.

My primary doctor and cardiologist are a couple of real nice guys but my feeling is that they are strictly “by the book” kind of doctors. I mention the Tikva and showed them the ingredients, the reaction was one of hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

I drink Tikva in the morning and hit the exercise machine asap, seems to work………………!*

S. Menodza

My blood pressure was 228/124. My daughter researched on line where I might be able to purchase l-arginine to attempt to bring down my blood pressure. I found the “TIKVA” site and began to take the powder as soon as it came in the mail. Within two and one half weeks of taking the powder, my blood pressure began to come down. My blood pressure now remains at 120/72! Thank you TIKVA family!!*

T. Snyder

I ordered TIKVA at the end of May (2 months ago) after researching treatments for high blood pressure on the internet because I had severe side effects to cardizem that my doctor prescribed for me. I had years earlier tried lisinopril with the same adverse result.

My blood pressure was averaging 150/100 while my lipid profile was normal. Being 25 pounds overweight at 48 I had to make some lifestyle changes. I started exercising at CURVES, walking every day, playing tennis, and my day starts and ends with TIKVA. NO MEDICATION!!

As of today, I am 10 pounds lighter, my blood pressure is already down to 133/75, and I have more energy.

THANK YOU TIKVA! I have been recommending it to people.*

D. Brown

I choose to remain anonymous….. this is a touchy topic for me.

I’m 57 years old and am in good health and excellent physical shape. After taking Tikva, I got my sexuality back. I’ve tried so many other things, including Cialis, which can cause blindness. Since taking Tikva, I’m always ready to have intimate relations with my wife.

Thank you, Tikva, for giving my my life back!!!!*


Just a short note about how Tikva has worked for me. My blood pressure was not incredibly high (145/90), but it was high enough to make me worry and want to do something about it. But I didn’t really want to take drugs with there side effects, so I started a lot of research on the Internet, which is where I found Tikva.

It took a little longer for me than others, but after about 5 months, my blood pressure is a more normal 125/80. I am continuing to take the Tikva formula and with healthy choices and exercise, I hope to get the bottom number even lower. At first I was skeptical, but now I’m convinced that it works. Thank you Heart 2 Heart.*

R. Ward

My wife and I have been on Tikva for seven days and we can notice a dramatic rise in our energy level, as I walked last night two miles, for I have not done that for several months. I like the fact that Tikva has the really high nutrition and won’t need all the other vitamins.*

Be blessed,

J. Moore

Hi, my name is Claudette and I’m a 52 year old African American. My blood pressure was getting to a danger zone of being too high, 167/94 and sometimes higher. After using Tikva for just two weeks my pressure went down and within three months it was 122/77.

Tikva not only helped to lower my blood pressure, but it also seems to help my aching knees and bones too. I’m glad I started using Tikva and I am getting ready to do my next order.*

Claudette P.

My BP had been running about 200/100. Since I have been on Tikva for the past 3 months it has gone down. (I had a physical several weeks ago and the doctor said my BP was 135/80). Certainly, Tikva has been instrumental in bringing my BP down.*

B. Vernich

I have been on Tikva for over 2 months…My blood pressure was a little high…my docotor recommended a prescription drug…at the time it was 158/98….today my pressure is 110/60….I have not started exercising yet since starting the Tikva program…I talked to your people last week and they told me to wait another month and then go to the doctor and have my blood pressure checked and my cholesterol checked…thank you for the great and speedy recovery from the high blood pressure.*

70 years young….

N. George

I took my BP and was astounded at the reading of 172/100 and so it was for many days afterwards. Immediately I researched products on the internet, looking for tried and tested methods of lowering BP. My first call was not the doctor as I suspected BP lowering drugs would be prescribed.

For some reason, since moving to the USA from Africa in 2001, my immune system became severely weakened, leaving me with little resistance to colds, flu and severe bronchitis. Thank God I ‘stumbled’ on your website!

After several days of reading the information – and multiple times, also while comparing Tikva with other products, I was convinced Tikva was for me. The following month I ordered Tikva from the website and within three months of taking Tikva, my BP dropped to where it is today, 120/80. I also lost 25lbs in weight in six months and have not gained an ounce.

I’ve celebrated my 64th birthday; family and friends tell me I look better than ever. Best of all, I am better and have not had one sick day in 17 months. I recommend Tikva whenever I have opportunity and place it on record, that my good health is attributed largely to Tikva and the grace of God.

I can now say that after taking Tikva for 7 months my heart murmur has been completely gone for the last 4 months! THANK YOU!*

R. Morris

I have been using Tikva for several months and have been amazed at the difference it has made in my overall health. When I started my blood pressure was 170/ 130. I had not even realized it was that high, but had gone into a free blood pressure screening while I was on travel.

My father had high blood pressure and struggled with many different drugs all of which seem to cause more issues with his health. Based on his experience and after lots of research, I decided to try Tikva and see if it worked. In addition to getting my blood pressure down to 130/ 90 so far, I feel like my energy level has gone way up and my overall sense of wellness has improved as well.*

J. Mcneely

*Disclaimer: The testimonials are unsolicited and uncompensated emails, that have come in from a few of our customers over the years. These reviews are about how the Tikva products have helped them and how they have been treated as a customer.

The testimonials presented represent these individuals’ results and cannot be guaranteed. Individual Results may vary from user to user.

DO NOT stop taking medications without first consulting with your physician. For average results, time frames and for all additional questions regarding the use of this product please see our faq’s section