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David V.

“The Tikva, product has helped lower my blood pressure and cholesterol. It truly works and is so easy to take.-David V.

Lindee Lee

“This company not only has excellent products, the customer service is also of the highest level of excellence.”-Lindee Lee B.

Dr. Dale S.

“Thank you Tikva. My blood pressure is now 124/62. Before Tikva it was 164/82. This is a big drop!”
-Dr. Dale S.

Karen K.

My blood pressure is already down to 132/70! Tikva allowed me to eliminate most of my other supplements.” -Karen K.

Tikva is made up of over 40 natural
Vitamins, Amino Acids, Minerals, Antioxidants and Probiotics

Making Tikva the most complete formula on the market for high blood pressure and cholesterol.

Why is Tikva different?

If you are on blood pressure drugs, than you have probably dealt with one ore more of the side effects ranging from feeling tired all the time, constant headaches, nausea, erectile dysfunction, and many more, Tikva does not have side effects.

In addition, you will be on them for the rest of your life and most likely they will be increased or you will end up on multiple types of blood pressure and cholesterol drugs.

Thousands of our Tikva customers have been able to reduce or eliminate their blood pressure medications over time and unlike the drugs that are just masking the issue, the ingredients in Tikva have been shown to actually fix the problem.

So many of our customers not only got off their medications, but they don’t need Tikva anymore either.

And unlike many other products that you may have tried that address one or two causes of high blood pressure, the ingredients in Tikva help to improve All of the main causes. So, even if you have tried other products in the past, Tikva can work for you. With over 40 ingredients, Tikva is the most complete formula on the market.

Address the Ten main areas that effect your high blood pressure.

The ingredients in Tikva have been shown in clinical trials to:

  • Dilate (widen) your arteries and increase circulation
  • Help control blood clots
  • Dissolve the plaque that is already in your arteries
  • Increase levels of various antioxidants that help stop new plaque from forming
  • Lower your “bad” LDL cholesterol
  • Make your arteries flexible again
  • Lower your triglycerides
  • Reduce C-Reactive Proteins
  • Address homocysteine levels
  • Reduce the risk of heart attacks, strokes and arrythmias.

Tikva was formulated to put all of these ingredients into an easy, once-a-day, pleasant tasting drink, giving you up to 98% absorption, so that you get all of the nutrients you need without having to take handfuls of pills. It is made in an FDA approved CGMP certified facility and is Gluten and Sugar Free (without artificial sweetener).

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