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Here is the Tikva Story:

Tikva was not originally made as a product to sell. It was made for my father (Don) after he had a major heart attack and was put on multiple medications. He had terrible side effects and so our search for a natural alternative began.

How Our founder got off all of his blood pressure and cholesterol medications naturally.

Over 15 years ago, my father (Don) was rushed ot the hospital, where they told him that he was having a widow maker heart attack and to say goodbye to his family. You can only imagine the worry and fear that we felt as they told him that he only had minutes to live.

By the grace of God, he survived, but they put him on multiople blood pressure and cholesterol drugs. Over the next few months, he had 3 mini strokes and needed bypass surgery. He refused. But now he is drug free. Read on…

My dad’s life changed as he was at home, out of work and suffering from angina pains.They were so bad that he took nitrogylcerine pills 2-3 times a day. He eventually got to the point that he could barely get up and walk across the room. He was only 46 at the time and was usually full of energy.

At this point, we knew he could not continue like this. In an effort to not have the bypass surgery, we spent thousands of dollars on every natural remedy that we could find. Ufortunately, nothing really worked and we were discouraged.

This is when we heard about a Nobel Prize winning discovery that was supposed to help with blood pressure. We learned that the amino acid, Arginine creates Nitric Oxide in the blood vessel, which helps to dilate (or widen) your blood vessels. At this point, we figured, why not give it a shot. Within a week his angina pains were completely gone, but his blood pressure was still way up.

This brought him hope and he began to aggressively research which natural ingredients could help him bring his blood pressure and cholesterol down.

He began to consult with a naturopathic doctor. Long story short… they decided on over 32 ingredients and put them all into a formula that mixed into water and it worked!

But here is the whole story… The naturopath doctor did not want him to take handfuls of pills because their absoorption rates is at best 18%. She recommended that he find those ingredients in a liquid form. This would increase the absorption into his body to 98%.

At first, it did not seem to be doing anything. In fact, for about 3 full months his blood pressure numbers did not really move.He was starting to get discouraged. The naturopathic doctor urged him to give it more time. Around 4 months his blood pressure started dropping rapidly. It truly was a miracle. This formula was actually working!

Shortly after, he had a cholesterol test done and his cholesterol numbers were up, which was actually a GOOD thing! Here’s why…

When they do those cholesterol tests, they are checking to see how much plaque is free floating in the blood at that moment. If it is stuck to the wall of your arteries, it does not show up on their tests. The ingredients in the Tikva formula were slowly dissolving the plaque off of the arteries. This plaque was now in his blood, making it way out of his body. this was causing a “false positive”.

At around 5 1/2 months, he had another cholesterol test done and his numbers not only came down, but they were well within normal range. My father continued taking this formula and his numbers kept getting better.

The best part of this whole story is that my dad only took this formula for 3 years and hasn’t needed it now for over 11 years. His blood pressure is still under 120 over 80! He has the energy of a much younger person and does not take any drugs for blood pressure or cholesterol anymore.

When other people saw his improvement, that he was able to get off of his medications, they wanted to know if they could get some too. This is when we realized that we could really help a lot of other people. We did not initially make this product to sell it, but now it is over 20 years later and there are many thousands of people who have been able to reduce or eliminate their blood pressure and cholesterol medications by taking this formula. We bring that same drive and innovation to all of our Tikva products.

We named the formula Tikva becuase it means Hope in Hebrew. It brought hope back into our family’s life and we have seen it bring hope to thousand of others as well..

Matt Goldstein

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